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 “As a science of self-healing, ayurveda encompasses diet and nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, rest and relaxation, meditation,
 breathing exercises, and medicinal herbs, along with cleansing and rejuvenation programs for healing body, mind and spirit.”

   What to expect?

      With prevention held so highly in ayurvedic medicine, it’s common for people to be treated before showing signs of illness.
      For this reason, a patient often keeps in regular touch with their ayurvedic practitioner, who monitors their diet, physical activity,
      hobbies, sex life, personal habits and domestic life, then makes suggestions where they see fit. The practitioner may also
      examine your urine, stool sample, skin, nails or tongue.

      When illness occurs the practitioner draws from a wide variety of remedies and techniques, including around 8000 different
      healing medicines. Treatment methods can vary considerably from one practitioner to another, with many combining modern
      methods with the traditional. Some naturopaths may also be skilled in the area of ayurveda.